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Birth of Claus Nybroe on September  8 th 1946. 
Copenhagen, Denmark.
Architect/industrial designer. 
The Royal Danish Academy of Arts, Copenhagen.
Author of "Sun and Wind", a handbook. 
Sold in more than 15.000 copies. Information Publishers, Copenhagen.
1977- 78 
Two years in design and management. 
Government subsidized project group "Dana Windpower". 
Design of some of the very first grid connected 5 kW and 22 kW 
wind turbines in Denmark.
1979- 82  
One year as a lecturer in Ecological Building Structures. 
The School of Architecture in Århus. 
Subsequently two years as an independent aero-photographer and pilot. 
Aerial photographs of areas qualified for wind farms.
Wind farms on Thy/Mors. 
Aerial photographs, design of patterns and graphical presentation. 
Consultant for 8 local wind farm initiatives. 
Subsidized by the Danish Ministry of Energy (EM).

"Wind power and water pumps in developing countries" 

Research and report for The Folkecenterfor Renewable Energy (FC).
Wind farms in California". 
Desk research. Engineering, organization and economy (EM).
"Manual for Wind farms", 3 volumes - 520 pages. 
1. Wind physical planning. 2. Electro technical principles. 
3. Organization and economy. Public presentation (FC).
Winner (68 entries) of design competition for new windmill types. 
Danish Design Council, Copenhagen.
"Wind farms on Bornholm". Regional project. 
County of Bornholm.
Design and production of a 24 bladed Ø 3 m, 1 kW m wind turbine.  
New super wind rose concept named "WINDFLOWER". 
High efficiency (Cp-max measured: O.47) and low noise level (45 dB(A) at 17 m). (EM).
"Wind farms on Langeland". 
roject for The Association of Share-owned Wind Turbines, Langeland.
Consulting work for Danish wind turbine producers: 
Bonus, Danwin, Vestas, Wincon and Micon. 
"Wind farms in California II". Guide for a group of potential  Danish windmill 
producers touring California. Report on the tour.  (FC).
Cooperation with Wincon A/S. 
Installation of 2 prototypes of the 1 kW WINDFLOWER. Intense measurements.
Design and production of a 12 bladed Ø 3.8 m Windflower. Electrical heating.  
Wind farm study for the County of Northern Jutland.
Design of an 18 bladed 3.2 m mechanical water pumping windmill (EM).
Wind-measurements and data study on the wake behind  wind rotors . 
Sydvestmors Wind farm (EM). 
Production of small scale rotor blades for Wincon A/S
Research and development of generator- and control systems 
for various types of stand alone windmills.
Design and production of a 9 bladed Ø 3.2 m, 2 kW Windflower.
Battery charging and heat production. 
Post Nuclear Wind power Project, Kanazawa, Japan.
Development of GRP process technology. 
Blade production by means of injection and pressing methods.
Setting up an R&D workshop for metal, composite and electronics. 
Setting up a wind test station. Both located in Stenstrup. Denmark.
Production and testing of a 6 bladed Ø 2 m, 600 W Windflower. 
Battery charging, heating water pumping.
Production and testing of a 12 bladed Ø 3,8 m, 4 kW Windflower. 
Battery charging, heating and water pumping.
Work on the official approval of the 4 kW Windflower. 
Cooperation with The Test Station for Wind turbines, RISØ National Laboratories.
Production and sales of some 35 wind turbines 
in the Arctic, Europe, North Africa and Japan.
Installation of windmills.
Installation of 7 PV units in Indian refugee camps. 
The province of Chiapas in Mexico (Jord og Frihed).
Investigation of mechanical driven windmills for aeration/ water pumping purposes. 
(Sønderjyllands Amt).
Danish government funding for the design and production of 
the Ø 9 m 12 kW Freja Windflower (EM).
2 trips to South Africa. 
Research on setting up small scale wind turbine production in rural areas.
Steady consultant for Danish large scale manufacturer Bonus Energy A/S, now
Siemens Wind Power A/S.  Assisting designer of 600 kW, 1 MW and 
2 MW and larger wind turbines. Newsletters and employee magazine. Design and patent research. 
Large scale composite model work and testing..
Reconstruction of the Windmission company, after a fire in 2000 took 
house and workshop.
Windflower design synthesis: Design and production of a new 1,5 kW Windflower.
Prototype for grid connection, battery charging, heating and waterpumping. 
Business concept based on open source structure. 
Design and construction of 11 kW direct drive PMG wind turbine

Design of Windflower Micro turbines including own PMG.

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