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A 600 W Ole WINDFLOWER was installed in Spring 1995 at "Turnérhytten", a Norwegian cottage used as a skiing resort and a Red Cross emergency station.The site is located above the city of Bergen, on a mountain slope facing the Atlantic Ocean . A pretty rough site.

Since the installation there, thank God, has been no problems with thewindmill, it survived all storms and turned sideways at wind speeds above 20 m/s. There has, however, been problems with the battery charger due to the heavy winds. We have replaced 3 versions. The fourth, our 40 A pulse charger, has been functioning OK for more than a year now (16.10.97).

At this windy site the mill is able to service a 1200 Ah tube cell type battery, which is 15 years old and still a top performer. The 24 V system operates 20 x 15 W lamps, pumps and heating coils preventing water tubes to freeze. The Red Cross emergency radio station, which connects directly to the Central Hospital of Bergen, is also operated by windelectricity.


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